This project is currently in development

Here you will soon find information on myself (Andrew Caslin) and also the philosophy behind my motivation for building this site.  Please bookmark this site and return frequently for daily affects to our soundings and how they are influencing us on a continuous basis.  Thank you all again, and please check back for changes to the site during its development.


It Has Been A Long Time Coming!

A news and information outlet that has been created to truly educate rather than distract, to cultivate interest and discussion, to show compassion and view all sides rather than using one sided prospective. I have our community to keep me to my word.

Mission Statement:
To provide a continuously updated source of relevant information on topics showing reverberating affects and how they form the world we know today. I will always be sure to be mindful of the topics that are important to our community so that we will continue to thrive into a positive and knowledgeable direction.

The focus of study:
Daily Affects is an ongoing project to piece together a more complete image of our lives based on correlations with the Sun and Earth, and other relevant events. Observing human behavior around these recorded events will help paint a illuminated image of our behavior; individually and as a whole. Using this information will help us thrive during our continuing evolution as the human race; acting as a way to remove one’s self from their every day focus and view life from a layer of prospective that we have an important and realizable connection to. We must use our curiosity as a tool to motivate us in understanding what we do not know.

Other Fun Topics I Will Be Associating:
Positive Thoughts, Human Relationships, Earth & Space Weather, Electrical Events, Magnetic Fields, Electromagnetic Fields, Sound Waves, Light Waves, Planetary Alignments, Comets and Meteors, Earthquakes, Cosmic Rays, Eclipse Events, Solar Sector Boundary Crossings, The Ring of Fire, & Much More!

Please help by visiting the site daily and actively commenting your valuable thoughts on your favorite articles and discussions. Donations are very much appreciated and will help build the tools for our community.

Much Love,
Andrew Caslin